Our Story

In 2016, thirty-nine unarmed Black people were murdered at the hands of the police - 34% of them were Black men. Our founder, Jason Rosario - a product of a single-parent home in the Bronx, New York - created The Lives of Men (TLoM) as a vehicle to help change the narrative around Black and Latinx masculinity, and to combat the negative stereotypes of Black men perpetrated by law enforcement and mainstream media.

In October 2017, the #MeToo movement went viral. It brought about a paradigm shift in the public discourse around masculinity, sexual harassment, male privilege, and what is now known as “toxic masculinity.” The time had come for men to confront the ways in which patriarchal standards of manhood harm women, LGBTQ+ folx, people of color, and even themselves. TLoM found itself in the middle of the conversation and has become one of the leading platforms advocating for healthier, and inclusive examples of what it means to be a man.

We want to be the compass that helps men navigate their life’s journey through manhood.
— Jason Rosario, Founder & Creative Director

Today, as diversity and inclusion efforts take on greater importance, it is clear that men have to be a part of creating solutions that lead to greater gender, racial, economic, social, and political equity. The Lives of Men is a purpose-led creative agency and diversity accelerator that works with corporate and social centers of influence to reimagine modern masculinity and help bring about the change our future generations deserve. We invite you to #WalkWithUS