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Bringing Conversations to Life


The Lives of Men wellness Conference

A event bringing together subject matter experts and practitioners from across the wellness space to help men connect mind, body, and spirit. Sponsored by Oath (Verizon Media) and held in Brooklyn, New York, the first ever event drew over 250 attendees!


Workshops & Panels

Our series of workshops and panels create safe spaces that bring conversations to life and provide our audience an opportunity to engage with each other and build community. Our multi-sensory approach embraces technology as a way to enhance each experience.


Young Men rising

Our flagship program for “at-potential” boys in “at-risk” environments is an important part of our work. We’ve partnered with Black Boy Rise, a community-based organization to create a curriculum offered to New York City High Schools. As approved vendors through the Department of Education, we work with schools throughout New York City to provide mentorship, and leadership training to rising juniors and seniors. To learn more about our program, please email